Take a look at our top 4 recommended spy camera products 

Minature Spy Camera

This spy camera features hotspots so it can record without Wi-Fi. Just slot in an sd card to start recording. It can also record videos even if the network is offline. Then, it has a convenient APP. You can watch live video feed or playbacks no matter where you are by accessing the APP. The wireless hidden camera will send a push notification with images to your phone once motion is detected. Therefore do not worry about missing something important

Spy Camera.jpg

Spy pen

This spy camera pen it has a hidden camera case , you can use it as a normal pen for writing, but also use it as a digital mini camera pen Record video. The mini portable cam fits comfortably in your hand, pocket, or drawer, it is small enough to hide anywhere. You can take this hidden camera for interview, conference besides, classes.


Spy Watch Camera

This camera looks just like a men's gadget; discreet and impossible for anyone to think of it; no light is on when working; can be used as a spy camera, and security camera.


Spy Desktop Clock

This excellent clock uses an acrylic reflective panel so that the that looks like the camera s professionally concealed, nobody can find the lens if there is no strong light. With a 3000mA battery, it can work 6 hours without any video recording, or work 3 hours for recording, you needn't worry about any outage.



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